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Date: December 28th, 2012

Now a day's everybody wants that their house will the best one in compare to others so they hire interior designer to design the interior of the house. In the past everybody knows interior design as the name of aristocracy. Interior designing is one of the best ways to enhance the status of a person. While designing the building it contains following methods to make it a beautiful design like first of all while designing the designer must have to research on the project that what suits and what doesn't suits. The designer must be very creative so that he will design it in a classy way.

To become a successful interior designer the designer must have to make the customer happy by doing his work. The designer must be artistic and know that how to impress the customer. They must know the texture colors, designs, see the spaces and make them fully use not wasting even a single space. The interior designers have the interpersonal communication power because in this profession the designer meets with different types of peoples and must know the management strategies. Now a day's interior design used in different fields or different places like hotels, offices, houses, real estate, malls etc.

The UAE interior designs are growing very rapidly. The UAE interior design industry spend about 22.5 billion US dollar in 2011. In 1992 in Dubai world trade centre the first exhibition took place. In the year (2007) 32,755 peoples attended the index exhibition and in 2008 it was approx about 40.000 peoples. Interior designs have in various fields like in commercial field, residential field, educational field, hospitality field, exhibition field and furniture fields.

In commercial field it was just like decorating the spaces. Commercial field is a difficult field for any interior design because it takes some advanced team workers to do this work and the designer must experience and have practical knowledge to do this job. The UAE interior design also works in the field of residential design. Individual houses and complexes are comes in residential design. The residential design must be depend on the client's budget because the residential place takes enough space for designing. While designing residential apartments or complexes the designer must have to listen the owner's ideas and thinking and must give those ideas in a shape.

The most important work of the designer is to complete the work in a given time and given set budget and also gives the client the right idea if they going to a wrong way. Another field is the education field. In this field the interior design must have to design according to the type of institutions. Use the conceptual designs just like if designing a fashion school then put some glamour's textures while on the other hand if designing a primary school then put simple texture. The UAE interior designer designs the hospital design in such a way that the patient field very relaxing. In Dubai the exhibition design the designer must have to exhibit his personality. The exhibition design must be very attractive because lots of peoples see it and giver his or her review about that if the design is not so much good then the designer must have very bad issues about the design.

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