Modern Decoration for Bedrooms

Date: May 7th, 2010

Modern Decoration of Bedrooms is not very complicated and tedious. It is just an idea; an idea about getting rid of clutters and maintaining a clean and lively environment. Every article or element in the bedroom should serve a purpose and should not consume unnecessary space. To maintain modernity in the decoration of your bedroom, you must discard everything that appears odd. These odd things can distract the eyes of a viewer from the simplicity of the bedroom design. So, the most important thing is to dispose everything that you think is spoiling the decorum of the bedroom. And once you have cleared everything that is useless from your bedroom, it is time to implement modern decoration ideas for your beautiful bedroom decor.

To start the decoration, you must first select a very neutral colour palette. White is the most popular neutral colour that is widely used. But you can also select from neutral colours like coffee etc. Colours like coffee, golden brown and ivory will make your bedroom look lively. And if you want to see a splash of colour on your walls, you can paint three walls with the neutral colour you have chosen and the fourth wall can be painted with an alternate colour that you prefer. There is another interesting method to decorate your walls using paint patterns. Paint all the walls with your neutral colour and then paint stripes around the bedroom. There are colours like burgundy or turquoise that will complement the neutral colour very well. Such designs can give the room a pinch of modernity which can create a relaxed atmosphere.

And if you use patterns in your bedroom to make it look modern, there are other techniques and accessories that can complement your decoration. Few of the tips are discussed below.

As mentioned above, if you use patterns around your bedroom, you can do it in two ways. The stripes could be painted horizontally or vertically according to your requirement. The horizontal stripes can be drawn around the perimeter of the room and the vertical lines from the ceiling to the floor.

Bedroom décor these days has found a great accessory to make bedrooms look more modern. Mirrors, can add to the elegance of the room and they also make the room look bigger. Placing round mirrors of various sizes on the walls of your bedroom will make your room look beautiful and neat.

You can also use wall applications. They come in various patterns that will easily match with the patterns of your room and add to the elegance.

Wall posters and stickers can also be used to add modernity to bedrooms. These days, bamboo and bird silhouette designs are commonly used. These designs will also add tranquillity to your bedroom.

However, it is important that one does not use all these methods of decorating together. That will look like a disaster because most accessories do not complement each other. Using all the techniques will lead to cluttered appearance to the rooms aesthetics.

Coming to furniture for bedrooms, they should look clean by utilizing plain geometry. Woods that are in the colour of black and dark brown are best suited for bedroom, more so when they are in rectangular or square shapes. These shapes make a great illustration for modern furniture designs. Avoid curves and try to keep the furniture simple to convey modern sophistication. To match your linens, make your bed with down comforters or duvets with simple linear patterns.

The most important part about modern bedroom is not the installation. After installation, proper maintenance of the bedroom is a challenge. Clothes that are scattered in the bedroom must be kept away in the bathroom. Close the closet doors so that they do not interfere with the bedroom decor.

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