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Date: May 7th, 2010

Our home says a lot about our personalities and who we are- That is the reason it is very important in the way we arrange our home interiors. In today’s fast moving world, our life style and how we live matters a lot. Hence, we need to make time and think on the ways we may re-arrange our rooms which might have a positive effect on our creativity, our energy levels, our moods, etc. And when we think of infrastructure and interiors- no other place in the world beats Dubai. Today, Dubai has emerged as a business hub and a global city. The outburst in the infrastructure has lead to huge demand for interior designing.

Here are a few ways through which we can improve our life style and our interior design.

  • Scale and proportion: The furniture and other items should be selected in such a way that it compliments the total size of the room- thus maintaining a balanced proportion.
  • Color: Ensure you always use colors that bring in positive vibrations and shift energies.
  • Harmony: Every room in your home should have a sense of harmony i.e. there should be synchronization.
  • Focus point: Rooms having a centre focus point will draw your attention. Architectural wall piece, a painting, an art work etc are a few suggestions.

Many people feel that they know how to design the interiors of their homes, but the results are usually quite contrary. By re-arranging the things already you own, you can create an impressive dramatic effect. Lighting all those neglected areas in your home also helps.

Experimentation is the key to have a successful interior design. Thus, you won’t know it unless you experiment. Every room should have a ‘Point of Emphasis’- a place where your eyes naturally go while entering a room. Sometimes, you may not be able to recognize which is the point of emphasis in your home. To recognize the point of emphasis, you must consciously walk into the room and notice what attracts you first. If there is nothing that attracts you, it means you may be missing the point of emphasis. Thus, you need to be creative in creating a point of emphasis. An art, a great area rug, a painting, a glass display case filled with collectibles can be a point of emphasis of the room.

You now have to decorate your room keeping in mind the point of emphasis. Furniture has to be first placed in the room since they give shape to the room. Furniture may include a sofa, a chair, a rocker, a bean bag, etc. It would be ideal if your room can fit about six to eight people comfortably. Once the furniture is placed where it attracts the most attention to the point of emphasis, you may now bring in the accessories.

Artworks, plants and other décor should be placed in such a manner that they enhance the furnishings in the room. Accessories should blend with the décor and should not take away the focus from the point of emphasis.

Once you have completed decorating your room, you will see by yourself how beautifully your room transformed. A point of emphasis is essential for your living room. Otherwise, there is nothing special in your room that will grab your attention and your living room goes unnoticed.

Here are some home decorating tips that will help you design your room:

  1. Define your Scope and Goals- This will add a lot of clarity to your decision making once you get into the implementation of decorating your room.
  2. Define your budget- you need to establish a budget for your interior designing project. To create your budget, list the cost of materials, services, various permits, etc. and bring in as much details as possible.
  3. Find your style of decoration- Recognizing your attitude toward decoration will make it easy for you to select furniture and accessories that will fit well together.
  4. Lay out your floor plan- Use a pencil and a graph and sketch a drawing that represents area of the design space. Ensure that you indicate the area of the doors, the windows and other infrastructural elements. Make several copies so that you can finalize on one decor.
  5. Be creative- Use your imagination and creativity to bring life to your project. There is nothing that can beat your imagination and creativity.

Use the above given ideas and think out of box and come out with a few original ideas of your own. You can incorporate the items that you already have and just re-arrange than, re-paint them with a coordinating shade for a totally modern appeal.

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